Friday, January 31, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

Spring, get outside, healthy living

While the days march slowly, coldly on, we dream of Spring. Time to hike, time to plant, time to be refreshed. Time to unthaw!

As you wait for Spring, why not make a list? A quality list, either large or small, of projects you want to do outside, and places you want to visit this year. Make a list that can help you and your family be prepared for those warmer days. Then use that list to plan the supplies you will need, and the locations you want to research.

One of our favorite planning tools is the Indiana Recreation Guide published annually by the DNR. You can download it here. An annual pass to Indiana's State Parks is a small investment that can provide large returns. We often visit at least 4 or 5, sometimes 7 or more, state parks and recreational spots each year. Our most frequent location is Mounds State Park, because of it's nearness, and great topography.

Last year we went to McCormick's Creek in Spencer, IN for the first time. We went with friends and had a wonderful weekend of activity and refreshment.

Our world seems to be crazy-busy all the time. Plan to put a stop to the madness in your corner of the world by spending more time outside. Plan, and do!

We are working on our list for this year. Some of the items on it include work projects like double-digging the gardens and trimming the apple trees. Other items include locations we want to visit for camping and/or hiking. What will you put on your list?

This January we have seen bitter cold temperatures with biting winds. Not exactly the weather you dream of for outdoor adventures. Hopefully February can give us a reprieve in the temperatures and we can spend time outdoors. Time walking, photographing, and maybe even making a snowman or two. 

Until then, I'll work on our list. I need to add "find straw NOT sprayed with herbicide" to the supplies list.

Leave us a comment about what you have on your list for Spring!

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