Monday, January 6, 2014

Stay inside!

I know we are all about getting outside, and getting some exercise, but let's be reasonable... the temperature (without the windchill) was -13 today! 

We love and appreciate our friends who are nurses and snowplow drivers... they have to go outside. You probably do not. 

Of course if you have animals to care for, by all means -do! But bundle up first!

We spent time outside today shoveling, in ten minute segments. Ten minutes shoveling, ten minutes inside warming up. When it's time for you to go out, please exercise caution! When you come back inside - drink a lot of liquids!

Stay inside, stay warm. There will be time to explore the winter wonderland when the temps get back above freezing!

A photo of our dogwood tree taken from INSIDE
the house last night!

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